September 2017

Greetings to the produce industry:

September is here and harvest is near. This is the annual update and crop report for Norm Nelson, Inc. This year’s growing season was similar to last year. Once the crop was planted the weather was again dry and warm. We have been able to irrigate most of the potato fields and given decent weather this Fall, we are optimistic about another crop with good quality and yield.

We plan to start packing operation on Tuesday 9/12/17. Will start with white and yellow potatoes and by the end of the week (9/15) the reds should have adequate skin to harvest. The purples always take more days during the growing season so we expect the purples to be ready after October 15. Our list of potato varieties is a little different this year-reds are still Chieftains, whites will be Harmony and Nadine varieties and yellow varieties will be Satina, Agata, Alegria, Elfe and Actrice. Like many of the past years, there are “test varieties” for reds, whites, and yellows so if the tests prove out, we may have some new varieties next year.

Our normal harvest pattern is to pack straight from the field for September and October on all varieties. For the balance of the packing season, we will come out of the storage system with reds, yellows and purples but continue direct from the field with whites until they are finished. We usually finish our whites about the end of November.

Our label line-up is always headed by the premium quality “Double N” label for our customers that need the best available. The “Golden Seal” is our second US#1 product. Our popular ” Pedigree” label is for all our US#2 pack. Please check our website for the assorted consumer packs available –

When you check the website for the different consumer pack options, you will also notice a new look! You will see we updated the Double N website with more pictures and info on the Nelson Family operation. Enjoy this new look!

We get excited here in the anticipation of another harvest. And we also want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all the customers that have contributed to the success of the Double N program over the years! We look forward to visiting with old and new customers in the coming season. Please call Scott Wharton or Myron Ayers for all your colored potato needs!


Myron Ayers, Sales Manager

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