September 2019

Greetings to our friends in the produce world:

Harvest is near! This is the annual Fall update and crop report for Norm Nelson, Inc. This Spring stared out dry but with timely rains and our present watering system, we think the crop looks good!

We plan to start the harvest and packing operation on Thursday, September 5. We will start with red potatoes and by Monday will have yellow and white potatoes into the packing shed. The purple potatoes will be ready before the end of September. Our potato varieties are nearly the same as last year. Our reds are almost all Chieftain, whites are Harmony and Whitney, and the yellows are mostly Satina and Agata. Of course, we are again running test plots on all these colors to see if there are new varieties available to better the program. We will start with our program of digging and packing straight from the field for September and October. Then we pack from the storage system on the reds, yellows and purples while staying with “fresh from the field” pack on the whites. We plan to finish packing our white crop by mid-December.

Our product line-up is always led by the “Double-N” label for those needing the best quality available. Our “Golden Seal” label is for that cost sensitive portion of the market that still needs US#l potatoes. Our popular “Pedigree” label is for our US#2 pack. You can always check our web-site to see the list of consumer pack options and to see the Double N story—check

We like to include a section of the newsletter to highlight changes in our operation. On the efficiency side of our operation, we are working on upgrading all the warehouse lighting to an LED system. On the staff side, we are happy to announce that Jason Garton will “expand his territory” and will be helping with a part of the sales activities in addition to his shipping and warehouse safety responsibilities.

We all get excited here with the announcement of another harvest season. And we also want to state our appreciation to all the customers that have been part of the Double N success story. We look forward to visiting with old and new customers in the coming season. Please call Scott Wharton, Jason Garten or Myron Ayers for your colored potato needs.

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